Parratt-Wolff Drilling

Direct Imaging – Geoprobe MiHPT System

Initial site investigations involve a number of costs; drilling and sampling, laboratory sample analysis and IDW disposal are only a few. Not to mention the additional cost of a second or third mobilization when laboratory results reveal that your contaminate plume has not yet been fully delineated, or your sampling methods dictate the installation of a system that doesn’t accurately remediate the source of your contaminate plume.

The Geoprobe® Membrane Interface Probe/Hydraulic Profiling Tool provides an on site qualitative analysis of contaminate plumes before collecting laboratory samples or generating IDW for disposal. Soils are sampled in 6-inch intervals to pinpoint the contaminate source along a vertical scale instead of relying on averaged water quality information from the typical 10-foot long 10-slot monitoring well screen zone. The Geoprobe® MiHPT System can provide logging of MIP, HPT and EC measurements. The direct imaging tool provides continuous soil screening with the following sensors:

  • PID – Photoionization Detector
  • FID – Flame Ionization Detector
  • XSD – Halogen Specific Detector
  • EC – Electrical Conductivity Detector – Conductivity of soils can help determine soil composition
  • HPT – Flow and pressure measurements can produce estimated K values and help to confirm soil composition

Off Road Access

From our experience drilling since 1969 we know that not every site investigation is in a flat paved parking lot. Our Geoprobe® MiHPT system is skid mounted and can be placed in the back of a UTV for your off road projects. For more information about our direct imaging capabilities, please call one of our project managers today.


“All of the crew went above and beyond to complete the job. Their attention to detail and strong work ethic were fundamental in job progress.” – Catie Mino, Brown & Caldwell