Parratt-Wolff Drilling

Injection Services

Injection DrillingInjecting various types of fluids such as HRC®, ORC® or other site-specific solutions have become commonplace in the environmental industry. Similar to pressure grouting, injecting these products involves conveying into contaminated formations known volumes of fluids at precise depths.

First however, a hole or well must be drilled in the formation. Parratt-Wolff has used augers, air hammers or direct push tooling to drill a borehole for the fluid installation. Using these tools, the hole is installed at the right diameter and to the specified depth, regardless of the formation. Next, fluid is injected as the tooling is removed. Sometimes injection is as easy as pulling a probe rod, other times it requires the use of pneumatic packers to control the flow. In some instances, semi-permanent wells, complete with grout seals, are installed to convey the fluid to the correct intervals within the formation.