Parratt-Wolff Drilling

Packer Testing

Pneumatic packers have been an increasingly important piece of field equipment in a consultant’s toolbox. Packers can be used for both site characterization and for remediation purposes. For characterization, Parratt-Wolff has used packers to determine the water quality in discrete zones in both cased and uncased wells. We have also used packers to determine the hydraulic characteristics of distinct zones within a borehole.

As a remediation tool, Parratt-Wolff has used packers to guide the placement of a variety of products. Historically, packers have long been used for pressure grouting. More recently, packers have been used to place various compounds to promote in-situ degradation of various types of contaminants. In all of these applications, knowledgeable field staff, a supportive home office and quality tooling leads to successful projects. Parratt-Wolff currently has packers in stock that can be used in boreholes ranging from 2” in diameter to 8.5”. The depth that these packers can be set is only limited by your application!