Parratt-Wolff Drilling

Vacuum Excavation/Soft-Dig

Parratt Wolff Vacuum Excavtion DrillingParatt-Wolff has recently added two SYSTEM 4000 units to our fleet. Pre-clearance is developing into an industry standard, required by many major oil companies, municipalities and consultants. This technology allows us to reduce potential liabilities and satisfy your clients’ demands.

Also called soft-digging or potholing, vacuum excavation is the safest and most efficient way to locate underground hazards or to prove the absence of underground utilities before drilling. To better serve the needs of our clients, Parratt-Wolff now operates with VACMASTERS power. VACMASTERS is the leader in air-vacuum excavation systems, having pioneered the use of high-pressure air delivered through proprietary nozzles to expose underground utilities. Our underground utility locating equipment is designed to dig potholes and trenches in any kind of soil while protecting existing infrastructure.

For more information, please see our Vacuum Excavation Project Case Study (PDF). Contact us for cost estimation, or to learn how vacuum excavation can be used on your next project.


 “They always were on top of everything, required little to no direction, always were in the proper PPE, and had a great attitude. It was truly a pleasure to work with them. It is because of your workers and the high quality of service they provide that we hold Parratt-Wolff in such high regard.” – Jason Tillotson, Engineer, Arcadis