Parratt-Wolff Drilling

Well Development and Rehab

Geotechnical DrillingMaximize the yield from your new or existing wells. Parratt-Wolff will work with you to develop a specific program tailored to your individual needs.

The field program typically involves the use of both physical and chemical methods of development. Physical methods include brushes, surge blocks, jetting or air-lift pumps. Chemical methods include polymers, acids or bases to facilitate the removal of formation damage, biological growth or chemical precipitation.

Our field programs also include extensive progress sampling. All these tasks are done in close cooperation with our clients, facility managers and regulators. Call us today to see if our expertise can add value to your next project.


“All of the crew went above and beyond to complete the job. Their attention to detail and strong work ethic were fundamental in job progress.” – Catie Mino, Brown & Caldwell